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MAX Centralised Monitoring System

Our dedicated team, and robust platforms, built specifically to meet New South Wales state protocols support your day-to-day operations and your essential regulatory requirements.


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MAX Websites

Access everything you need via our MAX platforms. MAX is in a transition period whereby there are concurrently two sites:

Forms and Documents

A range of forms are available to help you meet your regulatory requirements.

Reports and Invoices

A range of reports and invoices are available. To learn more, please follow the link:

Monitoring Fees 

Our monthly monitoring fee is $52.76 (excl. GST) per Approved Gaming Machine.
To update your venue's bank details, please follow the link:

Contact MAX

For any enquiries, please contact the helpdesk on 1800 307 551 or email us at:

Reports and Invoices

As a MAX customer you get access to a comprehensive range of core reports to assist your venue with regulatory requirements, accounting needs and gaming floor management.

  • Annual Net Meter
  • Daily Net Meter
  • EGM configuration
  • Game Performance
  • CMS Gaming Performance Statement
  • CMS Monitoring Fee Calculation
  • Progressive Meter Readings
  • Suspicious Gaming Activity – ONLY AVAILABLE ON MAXSYS


For more information about Core Reports click the link below:

Gain a competitive advantage by subscribing to exclusive reports from MAX. With three different packages to choose from, your venue has the flexibility to select one that best suits your needs and budget.

For more information about Advanced Reports click the link below:

  • MAXmobile FREE: Experience the benefits of MAXmobile for free. By subscribing to MAXmobile FREE you’ll get access to the Weekly Ranking report and the Top Weekly Games report.
  • MAXmobile: Access data on the go with MAXmobile. Your favourite dashboards have been optimised for viewing on your smartphone, so valuable data is always at your fingertips.
  • MAXreports: MAXreports is the ultimate suite of reports, letting you track market trends, compare your venue’s performance against the network and identify opportunities to make continual improvements to your gaming floor. Core and MAXmobile reports are included with MAXreports.

Click the link below to see the table for comparison:

View, download and print your Monitoring and Gaming Tax Invoices.
  • Gaming Invoice (DMS/MAX)
  • Gaming Tax Invoice
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Summary

View, download and print the following reports for your existing ClubGRANT Applications.


QuickChange Hub

View our QuickChange video guide to learn more about gaming machine changes and approvals, for venues and dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click the link below to view MAXReports pricing and details:

The Licensee or Approved Manager can apply for access to the MAX websites (MAX Client Portal or MAXsys) by submitting a signed MAX Client Portal and MAXsys Access for Venues OR MAXsys Access for Sellers Registration Form. Once access has been granted, the user is able to create additional users themselves.

A suite of FREE reports is available for your venue and can be accessed via our MAX websites. Advanced reporting (MAXreports) is also available for an additional cost.

Invoices such as Monthly Monitoring Fees and MAXReports Subscription Fees are available for viewing/download on the Max websites.

When comparing reports, please use the CMS Gaming Performance Statement as its data is what your Tax Calculation is based on. This report is available from the 14th day of the month following. 

If these figures do not match your internal reporting system, please identify the specific date and the device where the discrepancy is and MAX can review and advise the reason accordingly. Please note, if your venue’s gaming machines trade prior to 10am, your reports and MAXReports may not match. MAX trading days open/close at 10am daily.

There are some variations to tax quarters depending on the type of venue:

Hotel tax quarters

Club tax quarters

Jan – Mar (Ends on 1 Apr 10am)

Dec – Feb (Ends on 1 Mar 10am)

Apr – Jun (Ends on 1 Jul 10am)

Mar – May (Ends on 1 Jun 10am)

Jul – Sep (Ends on 1 Oct 10am)

Jun – Aug (Ends on 1 Sep 10am)

Oct – Dec (Ends on 1 Jan 10am)

Sep – Nov (Ends on 1 Dec 10am)

For more information, including tax rates, please visit the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

You may be using an outdated link, please try manually typing into the address bar.  Alternatively, you may need to clear your cache. See instructions below:


  1. On your computer, open your internet browser (we recommend using Chrome).
  2. At the top right, click More.
  3. Click More tools and then Clear browsing data.
  4. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  5. Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.
  6. Click Clear data.

What you need to do depends on whether the device is turned on or off.

It is the venue’s responsibility to check their CMS site monitor at least every 48 hours to ensure that all devices are connected and communicating with the Central Monitoring System.

If a device is showing as disconnected, and

  • Is turned ON, please arrange for your in-house technician to attend, and troubleshoot. If one of our technicians is unable to rectify, contact MAX to arrange our technician to attend.


  • Is turned OFF, please notify MAX that the device is not in play and provide an ETA of when the device will be fixed.  Any device that is disconnected for more than SEVEN DAYS requires a Device Disconnection Form to be sent to MAX. Monitoring Fees are still applicable.

There is a set process for managing a dispersal.

When a disposal occurs and you are installing another progressive machine/system on the same day, the dispersal amount should be applied to the newly installed progressive machine/system.

When the above is not possible, the dispersal amount can be applied to another progressive machine/system already in the venue, but you must notify MAX, noting the dispersal number, amount, date, and device serial number to which the dispersal has been added.

If the venue no longer has progressive machines, please arrange payment via credit card on the NSW Payment Portal using the link

For Clubs, the payment will be directed into the ClubGRANTS category 3 fund, and for Hotels into the Community Development Fund (CDF). Progressive dispersal payments via this method are claimable as profit deductions and hence used to reduce gaming tax invoice amounts.

Instructions for payment to NSW Payment Portal

Step 1. Under the heading ‘Agency to issue payment to (optional)’ select ‘L&GNSW – Progressive Jackpot Dispersals’.

Step 2. Under the heading ‘Application Form Number’: Select PDC404 for Hotel related dispersals, or Select PDC405 for Club related dispersals

Step 3. Under the heading ‘Application fee’ enter the total value remaining to be dispersed.

Step 4. Under the heading ‘Additional Details (optional)’ – enter the Hotel or Club name.

Step 5. Under the heading ‘Is this an individual or company/entity application’: Select ‘Company/Entity’ option and select the red ‘Next’ button.

Step 6. Enter ‘Company name’, ‘Payer full name’, payer ‘Email address’, and select the red ‘Next’ button.

Step 7. Complete the credit card payment details and enter the payer email address to receive a Tax Invoice.

Once the payment has been completed, please advise MAX via email: Be sure to include your Venue Name, Licence Number, the Dispersal Number/s paid and attach a copy of your Tax Invoice.

In exceptional circumstances, Liquor & Gaming NSW (Regulator) may approve of an alternative proposal to disperse any accumulated progressive jackpot amounts. Please contact for further information.

Example of calculating a dispersal value:


Start up

Current amount

Dispersal value










Total dispersal


Disconnected Device

Need some help?

Contact our team:

Quickchange is now hosted on If you already have a MAXsys login the chances are that you do have access already.

For venues, an Administrator User can onboard additional users by selecting the Admin Icon and following the steps to invite user.

If you don’t have a MAXsys user login, complete the relevant registration form below:

MAX Client Portal and MAXsys Access for Venues

MAXsys Access for Sellers

Annual Unlimited Subscription

Number of Authorised Gaming MachinesFee (inc. GST)
15 machines or less$                                                       800.00
16 to 50 machines$                                                   1,600.00
51 to 100 machines$                                                   4,815.00
101 to 150 machines$                                                   6,385.00
151 to 200 machines$                                                   8,000.00
201 to 500 machines$                                                 12,040.00
501 machines or greater$                                                 16,060.00



An $80.50 (inc. GST) Fee applies to each work item.

Types of work items include:

  • Installation of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Conversion of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Disposal of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Attachment of a gaming machine to a progressive controller.
  • Detachment of a gaming machine from a progressive controller.

When attaching or detaching to/from a Standard Link Controller, the changes need to be managed from the controller’s perspective.

In the Change Existing Equipment section of the application, search for the controller via GMID/Serial Number and select the row that correlates with LPJS in the column Type. From there, you will be able to select the attach/detach work item from the drop down!

Any changes can be completed up to and including the DAY OF your application. Click the Edit button within the work item and amend accordingly. Please ensure that if any changes are made after the Agreements have been signed the Venue and Seller are required to re-sign off on the application.

The new Quickchange allows you to change the date of your application right up until the day of the expected change/s even if the Agreements have already been signed! Simply click on the Edit button in the Overview Section of your application and choose your new date (A new dispatch date may need to be selected; you can find this in the Seller Section). Please ensure that if any changes are made, the Agreements are re-signed by the seller/s and venue.


Note: You cannot choose a date in the past.

Good news, your changes are ready to go ahead! Please complete the changes on the day and you will notice the application status will change the day AFTER to Authorised Pending Payment OR Authorised (if you have an active Annual Subscription).

You no longer need to contact MAX (DMS) to arrange a subscription, you can now opt in via the Payments & Billing Section the day after the application and pay via Credit Card.

Please contact the DMS Helpdesk to enquire about alternative methods.

CORE Description
Annual Net Meter  Overall monthly machine revenue for the last 14 months.
CMS Gaming Performance Statement  Updated monthly, it details Turnover, Wins and Profit for each EGM; and each LPJS’s Wins, Hits and current values, within a given tax quarter. Helpful for reconciling the Quarterly Gaming Tax Invoice.
CMS Monitoring Fee Calculation Report  A monthly breakdown of the Monitoring Fee invoice including Summary of Machines Connected for a Part Month.
EGM Configuration  The current list of a Venue’s Gaming Machines and their Authorised setup information.
Game Performance  EGM metered data for individually listed EGMs for a chosen time period.
Net Meter  EGM metered data for individually listed EGMs, summarised into daily totals, for a chosen time period.
Progressive Meter Readings  Progressive Meter reading data for LPJSs and SAPs. Doesn’t include hidden/overflow data.
Progressive Meter Increments  A daily summary of turnover/wins and hits for each LPJS and SAP. Only available on the MAX Client Portal.
Actual ClubGRANTS Details An itemised list of the donations made including recipient, amount and category. Only available for Clubs via MAXsys web portal.
Actual ClubGRANTS Summary A summary of the value of donations made, the count of recipients and the exemption percentage. Only available for Clubs via MAXsys web portal.
ADVANCED Description
Weekly Ranking Report 
On a weekly basis, it ranks venues by Turnover and Profit. Also lists the top 25 highest performing subscribed venues based off the turnover for that week. The report does not disclose any monetary figures.
Top Games Report  An overview of the Top Performing Games across NSW.
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Dashboard  Viewable on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis. Displays a venue’s total Turnover, Profit, Clearance and hold% and compares with a prior period.
Weekly New Games Weekly snapshot of new games denoting Average Daily Turnover (ADT) and Average Daily Revenue (ADR) (Revenue = EGM profit).
Network Game Comparison – Venue Compares the performance of your venue’s machines with the average of other venues in the network.
Network Jackpot Comparison – Venue Compares the performance of your venue’s machines that are attached to an LPJS, with the average of other venues in the network.
Venue Performance Weekly ADT Comparison On a weekly basis, it compares a venue’s ADT against last week and the same week last year. Also compares figures with all clubs and hotels.
Monthly Site Overview – Annual Turnover Shows the monthly turnover and revenue for the current month. This allows the user to see the performance of the site over recent months and for the same month last year.
Monthly Site Overview – Manufacturer Performance Illustrates how well each manufacturer is performing at a venue based on % of a Manufacturer’s EGMs and the % of EGM turnover for that manufacturer.
Venue Comparison On a weekly basis, this report states the Average Daily Turnover (ADT) and Average Daily Revenue (ADR) rank for a venue and compares them against all other subscribed (opted in) venues.
Conversion Performance Identifies any machines that have had a game change within the chosen period. It compares the Average Daily Turnover (ADT) of the original game with the new game and expresses the change as a percentage of the original game ADT.
Denomination Utilisation Compares the performance of different denominations within a venue.
Custom EGM Group Performance
EGM Grouping enables the reports user to create custom groups regardless of position, bank, floor, jackpot, or software installed on the EGM. These groups and devices are managed via Reports > EGM Group > Assignment/Maintenance. The process for setting up an EGM Group ready for reporting is: I. Create an EGM Group (EGM Group – Maintenance) II. Add EGM categories for the EGM Group. (EGM Group – Maintenance) III. Assign EGMs to categories within an EGM Group (EGM Group – Assignment). For example, EGM Group “Gaming Floor Area”, EGM Categories, indoors (upstairs), indoor (downstairs), Outdoors.
EGM Performance Analysis Details a three-month comparison of Revenue and Turnover on each machine.
Games Performance (RTP Validation) Details the Theoretical %RTP against the Actual %RTP and the variance between the two for each machine.
Board Report A range of tables, charts, and trends within the venue to give a high-level breakdown of gaming machine performance.
Manufacturers Game Performance For specified Manufacturers, details a weekly or monthly table of turnover and revenue comparisons by game name.
EGM Waterfall Chart A weekly or monthly chart of EGM movements, Turnover and Revenue compared to same time last year.
Number of machines MAXmobile Free MAXmobile (inc. GST) MAXReports Full (inc. GST)
1-30 EGMs $                            –  $                              43.00  $                                       93.00
31-50 EGMs $                            –  $                              62.00  $                                     125.00
51-100 EGMs $                            –  $                              93.00  $                                     185.00
101-150 EGMs $                            –  $                            124.00  $                                     245.00
151-200 EGMs $                            –  $                            124.00  $                                     310.00
201-250 EGMs $                            –  $                            185.00  $                                     400.00
251-300 EGMs $                            –  $                            185.00  $                                     465.00
301-800 EGMs $                            –  $                            185.00  $                                     620.00
MAXmobile FREE MAXmobile MAXreports
$0 From $43 (inc GST) From $93 (inc GST)
Core reports PLUS; Core & MAXmobile FREE reports PLUS; Core & MAXmobile reports PLUS;
Optimised for Mobile
Weekly Ranking Report
Top Weekly Games
Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Dashboard Reports
Top New Games Report
Top MGTM Games Report
Optimised for Computer
Network Comparison Reports
Venue Comparison Reports
Board Report
EGM & Game Performance Reports
Denomination Utilisation Reports
Monthly Site Overview Reports
Monthly Access Fee
1 – 30 EGMs $0 $43 $93
31 – 50 EGMs $0 $62 $125
51 – 100 EGMs $0 $93 $185
101 – 150 EGMs $0 $124 $245
151 – 200 EGMs $0 $124 $310
201 – 250 EGMs $0 $185 $400
251 – 300 EGMs $0 $185 $465
301 – 800 EGMs $0 $185 $620