Queensland and Northern Territory

MAX supports your regulatory requirements

We provide monitoring services to the majority of hotel and club gaming venues in Queensland, as well as 100% of hotel and club gaming venues in the Northern Territory.

Supporting your regulatory requirements

As well as monitoring your gaming machines, MAX offers a suite of high-quality,
innovative products designed to improve efficiency and productivity at your venue.

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Answers to your questions

1) For Queensland go to: https://qld.maxgaming.com.au/ and for Northern Territory go to: https://nt.maxgaming.com.au/
2) Log in with your Username (it’s not your email address) and Password.
3) Select Reports in the main menu and then select which report to run.

If you have a machine fault that you need help with, please contact the MAX Helpdesk on 1800 700 116 so we can log your issue.

MAX provides an in-venue site controller that configures gaming machines and ensures they are only playable during approved hours. The site controller continuously monitors the gaming machine during play to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the terms of its approval. The site controller is connected to a communications network in real time to ensure data is collected and made available for reporting.

Other services include the provision of gaming machine performance data, fault analysis, and real time wide area jackpots. For more information about what we offer beyond monitoring, please click here: Data & Insights

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