Data & Insights

MAX can provide the insights your business needs to make informed, data-led decisions.

Our advisory services, business intelligence platforms and reporting will arm you everything you need to help deliver great performance.

Why partner with MAX?

MAX has designed a range of industry-specific tools, services and solutions. These deliver everything you need for success, all in one place.


Our services are backed by a team of experienced data and insights professionals who have over 65 years of combined experience across hospitality, leisure and gaming industries.

Designed for your needs

We’ve consulted with partners and industry to make sure we’re focused on what is important to you, your customers, and your business. 

Proven success

We have a proven track record of helping venues to better understand and act on their data and insights. We’ve analysed performance and made actionable recommendations on how to improve their business.

Leveraging world leading platforms

We use leading technology to provide our solutions and keep your performance and customer data safe and secure. We present your data in visually engaging, easy-to-comprehend formats.

Unique access to industry data

Our team uses data from inside and outside your venue to analyse market trends and apply the insights to your business.

What solutions do you have to help my business?

We have a suite of services to choose from, providing the insights you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Analytics Hub

Turn your data into powerful, actionable insights. We connect your venue’s gaming systems and extract, analyse and report on your product and patron data in a meaningful way.

We work with you to build a strong and customised plan through our data visualisation platform. Features include:


MAX has designed a unique program to help your business better understand your customers. We take a holistic approach to measuring the venue experience so you can identify where you are meeting or exceeding customer needs and pinpoint where to make improvements.

CustomerFirst is an end-to-end solution that requires minimal effort from you. We collect customer feedback about your venue including staff, bistro offers, gaming room, and membership programs. We present it back to you in an easy-to-understand report, with benchmarks against other MAX venues, and an option for a customised presentation.

Chat to MAX about getting more from your data

MAX’s industry expertise and leading data & insights services can help maximise opportunities for your venue by helping you to turn your data into powerful, actionable insights.

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Get feedback from customers about your venue

MAX can work with you to help you collect, understand and act on patron feedback across your venue (including your staff, bistro offers, gaming room, and membership programs).

Learn more about CustomerFirst

Respond quickly to events

MAX can help you transform your venue by finding the perfect balance between technology and human interaction, with our suite of data and insights solutions, which allow you to make decisions based on real-time data.

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Get in touch with our team of experts to understand more about our services and how we can support your business.