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MAX has a range of solutions and tools to help you better understand and respond to what is happening in your venue.

Live Data API

Respond with speed

EGM performance and patron insights can now be reported in real-time, allowing you to see events as they occur and respond to them accordingly. By using this data, you can be informed to make the right decisions to enhance both your patron experience, and performance of your gaming floor.

AAC Paging

Respond in real-time

MAX can help you transform your venue by finding the perfect balance between technology and human interaction. MAX also gives you the tools to manage your venue smarter, enhance customer service levels and provide real time actionable insights. Helping your team respond to real time events as they occur, and providing personalisation at scale.

Safe Stakes

The right response, every time

MAX can help you capture customer interactions and provide a proactive approach to assisting those in need of assistance. Safe Stakes is MAX’s harm minimisation tool for the hospitality industry, and is designed to achieve improved outcomes in the liquor and gaming space.

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Burpengary Community Club and Hervey Bay RSL

See how both the Burpengary Community Club and Hervey Bay RSL are benefiting from MAX’s LiveData API – a real-time data feed, for real-time decision-making.

Wynnum Manly Leagues Club

See how the team at Wynnum Manly Leagues Club are powering their performance and making life easier for their team with MAX’s LiveData API and AAC’s Paging Solution.

Answers to your Questions

Live Data API is currently only available in Queensland. 

There are a few different ways – venues can find an external provider using Live Data, engage with a third-party of their choice, or sign themselves up if they have internal system developers who want to use it.

Yes. Each provider (including a venue if directly using the API) will need to go through the MAC onboarding process which includes signing an API Agreement. 

Yes. The API has been developed to support up to 5 vendors at a venue. 

Our Live Data solutions can help grow your business

Our live data based tools will help you to understand and act on events in your venue