TiTO and Cashless

Secure, reliable cashless gaming

Create greater business efficiencies and improve the experience for players with one of our cashless gaming solutions. Maximise cost savings, free up your floor staff, and improve your customers’ experience.

Allow your players to move seamlessly across your gaming floor, create greater efficiencies, and reduce operational and cash-handling processes with one of our cashless gaming products. Our diverse solutions integrate with a number of third-party suppliers to provide secure and reliable payment methods through the cashier and redemption terminals.

Over 65,000 EGMs currently utilise a MAX cashless gaming solution.

TiTO and Cashless
Secure, reliable cashless gaming

Improve business efficiency and player experience with our cashless gaming solutions. Increase cost savings, free up staff, and enable seamless movement on your gaming floor. Our products integrate with third-party suppliers for secure and reliable payments through cashier and redemption terminals.

Proven market solutions

Our cashless technology virtually eliminates traditional cash
transactions and allows players to easily transfer credit from EGM to EGM.

We offer both card-based and Ticket-In-Ticket-Out (TITO) technology options to meet your venue’s needs.

Each solution benefits both your venue and players

Choosing the right cashless gaming solution for your venue

Speak with our team to discuss the cashless solutions available in your state, relevant transfer
and withdrawal limits, and which option could be the best fit for your business.


  • Eliminates hardware and ongoing consumable costs.
  • Uses your existing standard magnetic stripe membership cards.
  • Both member and visitor carded play options.
  • Increased player insights reporting.


Minimal player education required:
  • Can be implemented without a loyalty system.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Opportunity to personalise and brand consumables.
  • Can be used by both members and visitors.

Book a demo, hear more, or sign up to one of our cashless solutions

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