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Reimagining our range of gaming products and professional services.
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Outstanding products, unique services, dedicated to your success

At MAX we’re taking a new direction.

A direction that’s all about making it simpler and easier to integrate services and delivery across your business, about offering truly end-to-end success.

We are uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive suite of end-to-end products and solutions that enable our customers to operate and achieve success effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

What we do

Performance Solutions

MAX takes a whole-of venue specialist approach in transforming your gaming venue, helping to drive sustainable performance.

Technical Services

Our ISO accredited 24/7 help desk backed by a national network of technicians and warehouses ensures you have access to reliable and timely support to keep your venue performing.

Regulatory Services

MAX delivers one of the largest data networks in Australia with monitoring capabilities that meets the complex requirements of state-by-state licensing regulations.

Gaming Systems

MAX offers innovative core gaming management systems that provide the essential capabilities to easily integrate all services across your venue.

Gaming System Enhancements and Add-ons

MAX offers a complete suite of gaming system enhancements and add-ons allowing your venue to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Linked Jackpots

Our linked jackpots allow customers in your club or hotel to share in the excitement of bigger in-venue jackpots.

Success Starts Here

Get the solutions, data and insights you need to succeed by partnering with Australia’s leading gaming services provider.

Whatever success looks like for your venue, the first step starts with MAX.

Let us know how we can help.

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