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Regulatory Services

MAX owns and operates one of the largest data networks in Australia to provide essential regulatory capabilities.


Our Regulatory Services

Our monitoring capabilities operate under multiple protocols, whilst meeting the complex requirements of state-by-state licensing regulations.



MAX provides monitoring services to almost 80% of all hotel and club gaming venues in Queensland. MAX provides an in-venue site controller that configures gaming machines and ensures they are only playable during approved hours. 

The site controller continuously monitors the gaming machine during play to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the terms of its approval. 

The site controller is connected to a communications network in real time to ensure data is collected and made available for reporting. 

Other services include the provision of gaming machine performance data, fault analysis, and real time wide area jackpots.

Northern Territory

MAX provides monitoring services to 100% of hotel and club venues in the Northern Territory utilising our monitoring platform that has been modified to meet the jurisdictional requirements.

New South Wales
MAX is responsible for all operations of the Centralised Monitoring System (CMS), including the collection and assessment of metered gaming data and integrity events. Our key purpose is to help uphold and maintain gaming integrity within the state, and to calculate the amount of gaming tax payable by each club and hotel.


New South Wales

Quickchange is an internet-authorisation system for installations, disposals and configuration changes to gaming machines. Unlike paper-based systems, Quickchange enables users to identify and correct errors prior to submission, leading to approval of machine changes within minutes. Quickchange can be accessed by any internet-enabled device.


New South Wales

The ClubGRANTS application, available via MAXsys, is an online tool for New South Wales Club to report community contributions. Users can manage all of their club’s submissions and view their status in one easy-to-use online destination. 

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