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What's changing?

  • It’s no longer orange!
  • The new QuickChange will be accessible via the maxsys.com.au web portal.
  • Your login ID will be your email address.
  • No PIN is required. Your email address and password are sufficient.
  • Venue users with the Administrator role can create and edit users. 
  • Changes can be made up to and on the Date of Change without notifying DMS.
  • PAYG now lets you make a credit card payment after the job is completed. 

What's staying the same?

  • Applications for gaming machine changes are processed and signed off by the venue and nominated dealer or seller.
  • There is no change to the fee or payment structure. Pay as You Go (PAYG) and annual subscription are still available. 

Venue Registration Info

The majority of gaming venues have a team member with access to MAXsys. You can check by entering your email on the MAXsys login page.

If you get the message “Oops, the details you provided aren’t quite right.”, you don’t have an account. If you don’t get this error, you can reset your password by clicking “Forgot Password?” and following the prompts.

If you don’t have a user login for www.maxsys.com.au complete the relevant registration form below.

Registration forms need to be submitted to dms@max.com.au in one of the following two ways

  1. Manually sign and submit with an accompanying venue/company letterhead.
  2. Digitally sign (does not need a venue/company letterhead). Please follow the step by step instructions.

  1. Right click and download the Venue Registration Form.
  2. Open the downloaded PDF form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please Note: DIGITAL SIGNING DOES NOT WORK IN AN INTERNET BROWSER.
  3. Complete the Venue Details and Licensee or Approval Manager Details sections.
  4. In the Authorisation section enter the date, your name and position. Then click the signature field.
  5.  Select your Digital ID, click Continue. If you haven’t set up a Digital ID:
    1. Select ‘Configure New Digital ID’.
    2. Select ‘Create a new Digital ID’ and press ‘Continue’.
    3. Select ‘Save to File’ and press ‘Continue’.
    4. Enter your details.
    5. Select Key Algorithm of ‘2048-bit RSA’ (this should be default)
    6. Select Use Digital ID for ‘Digital Signatures’ (this should be default)
    7. Press ‘Continue’.
    8. Confirm the save location of your Digital ID. Change the location by clicking ‘Browse’.
    9. Enter and confirm a strong password for your Digital ID. Press ‘Save’.
    10. Select your newly created Digital ID.
  6. Enter your Digital ID password.
  7. Click Sign, this will prompt you to save the PDF form again. This should be the last change you make before submitting.
  8. Press ‘Submit Form’.
  9. You’ll be prompted to select an email application or webmail. Choose and press continue.
  10. Your operating system may ask you to give Acrobat permission to use your email application, select yes.
  11. Your email application (eg. Outlook) will open a new email with the completed form attached and addressed to dms@max.com.au
  12. Send the email with the form attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickchange is now hosted on maxsys.com.au. If you already have a MAXsys login the chances are that you do have access already.
For venues, an Administrator User can onboard additional users by selecting the Admin Icon and following the steps to invite user.
If you don’t have a MAXsys user login, complete the relevant registration form below:

Venue Registration Form

Attach/ Detach only work items are processed on the link controller level. Select the controller to action attach/ detach changes for devices.

Check you have all sections filled in correctly. The next button while not appear until all mandatory sections are filled.

Any changes can be made up to and including the DAY OF your application. Click the Edit button within the work item and amend accordingly. Please ensure that if any changes are made after the Agreements have been signed the Venue and Seller are required to re-sign off on the application.

The new Quickchange allows you to change the date of your application right up until the day of the expected change/s even if the Agreements have already been signed! Simply click on the Edit button in the Overview Section of your application and choose your new date (A new dispatch date may need to be selected, you can find this in the Seller Section). Please ensure that if any changes are made, the Agreements are re-signed by the seller/s and venue.

Note: You cannot choose a date in the past.

Good news, your changes are ready to go ahead! Please complete the changes on the day and you will notice the application status will change the day AFTER to Authorised Pending Payment OR Authorised (if you have an active Annual Subscription).
You no longer need to contact DMS to arrange a subscription, you can now opt in via the Payments & Billing Section the day after the application and pay via Credit Card.

Please contact the DMS Helpdesk dms@max.com.au to seek alternate method.


Venues have two alternate payment structures to facilitate their use of Quickchange:

Pay As You Go
$80.50 service fee (inc. GST) 
per configuration change below:
  • Installation of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Conversion of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Disposal of a gaming machine or progressive controller.
  • Attachment of a gaming machine to a progressive controller.
  • Detachment of a gaming machine from a progressive controller.
Annual Subscription
Through the purchase of an annual subscription to Quickchange, a venue is able to perform an unlimited number of changes. The following annual subscription fees are payable for the use of Quickchange: