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Metropolis TITO - Victoria

With the introduction of Metropolis Ticket-In, Ticket-Out (TITO) in your venue, MAX have created a range of training videos and supporting documentation. 

These will assist in educating staff as part of the TITO activation, as a refresher for previously trained staff or when new staff join your team.

In summary, you will find that the topics covered include:

  • An Introduction to TITO, highlighting key benefits and the ticket journey
  • Metropolis and TITO interaction
  • Key troubleshooting steps
  • For our Vault users – managing Gaming Reconciliation 

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This module introduces TITO functionality into your venue with a focus on its benefits as well as the journey of the ticket from the EGM to the time of redemption.

Focusing further on TITO functionality, this module also covers the various Metropolis applications that will be used.

This module identifies the various ticket issues experienced at the cashier and EGM and how to manage and process problem ticket payouts.

Specifically geared to the supervisor, this module provides extensive details on how to use the Metropolis applications and the reports available to investigate and troubleshoot a problem ticket.

Vault Users Only. With the introduction of TITO, this module covers the changes to your gaming reconciliation including the CRT.

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