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Accessing QuickChange

QuickChange operates on the MAXsys website. You will need a MAXsys user account to Access QuickChange.

The majority of gaming venues already have a team member with access to MAXsys. You can check by entering your email address in the MAXsys login page. If the message “Oops, the details you provided aren’t quite right” appears, you don’t have a user account. 

If you require a user login for MAXsys please complete the relevant registration form below. (Note – Registered Sellers will be sent a MAXsys user just prior to the formal release of QuickChange.)

Registering for MAXsys Access

information icon Forms must be downloaded to your computer to be completed

Once completed either use the submit button in the form or manually attach to an email and send to The form cannot be completed and submitted in a web browser. 

If you require further assistance contact the DMS helpdesk on 1800 307 551 or email

Logging into MAXsys and Accessing QuickChange

  1. Type in your Email and Password
  2. Click “SIGN IN”
  3. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Forgot Password’. A reset password link will be sent to your email address.

information icon After three unsuccessful attempts, you will be locked out and you will need to contact your MAXsys administrator or the DMS Helpdesk 1800 307 551.

  1. The QuickChange link will show on the left-hand task bar alongside any other MAXsys applications.
  2. This will direct you to the QuickChange Sub menu and Venue Applications. 
The MAXsys Login Screen
QuickChange in the MAXsys Menu

Roles & Privileges

Venue Users

There are two main User Roles associated with a Venue User account. These roles have specified privileges associated. 

  1. Venue Administrator Role
  2. Venue Officer Role.

An Administrator User has the following QuickChange Privileges:

  • Create, modify and approve QuickChange applications for their venue/s
  • View past and current applications for their venue/s
  • Purchase, view and modify QuickChange subscriptions for their venue/s
  • Pay for a PAYG (Pay As You Go) application
  • View an authorised list of the equipment at their venue/s

An Officer User has the following QuickChange Privileges:

  • Create and modify QuickChange applications for their venue/s
  • View past and current applications for their venue/s
  • View an authorised list of the equipment at their venue/s
Dealer / Seller Users

Users assigned to a Dealer / Seller Entity can access Quickchange features that allow them to approve certain parts of a venue’s QuickChange application, manage their equipment list and create non-venue applications. It is possible for a Dealer / Seller Entity to assign access to more than one user. 

A user who is assigned to a Dealer / Seller Entity will typically be able to:

  • Create, view, modify and approve Quickchange applications they are party to
  • Sign an agreement on Quickchange applications they are party to
  • View and modify their equipment list.
Managing Users 

Administrator Users have access to:

  1. Manage Roles – View associated Privileges / Create New Roles 
  2. Manage Users – View all users associated with the Entity and edit their access
  3. Invite Users – Invite New Users to your Entity
Invite a New User
  1. To add new user, Click on the Admin menu item in the sidebar 
  2. Under User Management, Click on Invite User(s)
  3. In Invite User, simply fill in the new User’s First name, Last Name & email address.
  4. Select an Entity – This will then prompt the Assign Role(s) that have been created for this Entity to appear.
  5. Select a Role. The Privileges assigned to this Role will be listed in the Associated Privileges column.

Note: “Are You sure you want to send this invite?” message will pop up prompting you to select “No Thanks” or “Yes please”. Once you have clicked “Yes please” the invitee will receive an email prompting them to complete sign up. An “Invite Sent!” message will confirm the invitation has been sent.    

User Management Options
Invite New User
Invite Confirmation Dialog

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