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An Introduction to TITO

Become familiar with Metropolis TITO functionality in your Victorian venue. Understand the benefits of TITO and the journey from EGM to redemption.

How to use the Pay application to process a TITO ticket

We recommend positioning the barcode scanner to be customer accessible, and with a small tray adjacent. This allows the customer to scan their tickets and then dispose of it, making the end-of-shift reconciliation process easier.

1. The patron presents their TITO ticket to the cashier

2. On the Payout Entry screen, scan the TITO ticket

3. Check the payout details and press OK

4. The cashier has the option to verify the amount prior to taking the funds from the cashier till. By default the dollar will auto-populate, however, this can be customised to be a manual entry process.

5. When the ticket has been paid, the ticket is removed from the Payout Entry screen, leaving only unpaid tickets.

6. Moving to the Shift menu

7. Shift totals

8. And then Payout Total. Ticket Out now includes the ticket paid by the Cashier and the relevant Cash Totals are updated.

9. In the Float Reconciliation tab the float values are also updated. This information can be reviewed and printed as part of end-of-shift procedures.

11. In addition to Shift totals, under Transactions there is a Payouts tab. The Cashier can view details of all payouts processed during their shift. This Payouts information can also be printed for reconciliation requirements.

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