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Authorisation Report

The Authorisation Report is a summary of all work items in the application. 

The Authorisation Report is available as soon as an application’s work items are all valid and complete. 

  1. Log in to Quickchange.
  2. Open an application that has a status of Pending Payments or Authorised.
  3. Open the Overview section by clicking the downward facing arrow.
  1. Click on the ‘Authorisation Report’ link.
  2. The Authorisation Report will display as a new page.
Generating an Authorisation Report

The Authorisation Report

The Authorisation Report is comprised of the following sections:

Address to the Instrument of Authority 

This section displays the address of the venue applying for changes to their venue and references to the 2001 Gaming Machines Act.

Summary of Changes
Schedule of Gaming Machine Holdings

A table displaying the requested change in the gaming machines holdings, primarily for the identification of changes to the number of MTGM terminals in relation the total number of machines at a venue.

Scheduled Work Items

A table that displays the type and quantity of requested changes to the gaming machines at the venue, as described by the work items in the application.


A declaration that the changes resulting from the Quickchange application are authorised for a certain date (the date of proposed change) and that changes should be in affect on that date.

Custodianship of GMICs

A declaration on the authority to remove GMICs at a licenced venue.

Changes to Premises

The work items from the application will display in an expanded state. This is the information a technician will use to perform the correct changes to the relevant gaming machines, controllers and subsidiary equipment.

An Example Authorisation Report

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