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Once the Contract Details have been completed in an application, it can proceed to the Authorised / Payment stage. These agreements must be digitally signed by all relevant parties. Relevant parties include users from the Venue, Dealer/Seller and Regulator Entities depending on the nature of the application. 

QuickChange automates this process by emailing a clickable link (right) to all relevant parties notifying them that their action and approval is required for the application to progress.  

Anyone with read write access could be the first person to approve an application (not necessarily a user from the venue entity)

The trigger for sending approval emails can be one of three things:

  • User with read write access and Venue Approval access completes their approval
  • User with read write access and Seller Approval access completes their approval
  • User with read write access completes the work items section but does not have approval access 
Agreement Email Notification

Venue Approvals 

When all work items in an application have been completed and are valid, a user will progress to the ‘Agreements’ stage of the application. 

Initially the venue agreement will appear expanded and in ‘pending state’. This state can be clearly identified by the yellow stripe, icon and written status indicator.  

A venue user with approval privileges will then need to click the tick and sign button to progress the Agreement and application to the next stage. That is for the other parties to sign and approve.  

Venue Agreement awaiting confirmation

Once a user with the correct privileges has signed the agreement, a confirmation message will be displayed. The stripe colour will change to green to indicate that the agreement has successfully been signed. 

Details regarding the signatory and date / time of the signature is clearly displayed to the user. 

A signed Venue Agreement

Seller Approvals

Much like the approval process for a venue entity user, a seller entity user with approval privileges must read, confirm and sign the agreement for the application to continue to the next stage. 

An unsigned Vendor Agreement

Are there previous outstanding PAYG application unpaid?

If a venue user tries to complete an application while there are previous unpaid PAYG Applications outstanding for their venue, the current application will not be able to proceed past the ‘Agreements’ stage. A warning message (right) will indicate the reason for the failure and directs the user to rectify the issue or contact DMS if required.

A warning that there are outstanding PAYG payments

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