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Creating Applications

Application Management

Opening an Application

To open an Application the user can click the Application number in the Venue Application List.

Changing an Application Date

To change the date of an Application, the Application must not be Locked and Authorised. Simply speaking, if the Application is in a “ Authorised OR Authorised – payment required” state then it cannot have it’s date changed. Given that it is not in these states, the user can enter the Overview section within an Application and change the date there.

Creating Applications

Creating an application is the formation of a structure to assign work items that are performed for the Venue. Once an application has been created, it is placed in Draft and is open for a user to assign work items, such as the Conversion of an EGM or the Installation of a new Controller.

Different Application types can be created depending on the privileges of the user or Entity(s) involved, such as;

  • Standard Venue Application
  • Consignment Application
New Application

The user will need to click the “Create New Application” Button on the Venue Applications list located in the top right of the page. This button will only be available with certain privileges.

This action will create a blank draft of an Application and proceed to the Application Overview.

Creating a new Application
Selecting Application Type and Premises

The user will need to pick a Premises that this application is for, as well as choose the appropriate Application Type. Depending on their privileges on their account or choice for the type of Application, these options may be defaulted or locked.

Standard Venue Application

A venue user or representative can create a Venue Application. For users that belong to multiple Entities, the ability to select a Premises will be made available.

Consignment Application

An authorised entity (Dealer/Seller) can create an application (also referred to as Consignment Applications), for any venue. A premises will need to be selected.

Select a consignment
Select a premises
Application Date and Description

The application name is optional otherwise the identity of the Application will be reflected in it’s Application Number (A unique identifier within Quickchange) alone. 

User will need to submit a Date of Proposed Change, the Application will only be authorised after this date.

There is also optional free text available for the user to enter a Description of the Application.

Saving the Draft

After the user is happy with their selections, they can click the button to “Save and Continue”. This will save the Application Draft that is visible in the Application List, for any entity with the relevant privileges to view it.

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