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Venue Equipment List


Any piece of equipment that is installed or in storage at a venue is considered to be ‘authorised equipment’.

The Authorised Equipment list enables Venue users to see all gaming machines and subsidiary equipment currently at their venue, including equipment in storage.

Regulator users may also view the Authorised Equipment list to understand the current authorised state of any Venue.

Navigating to the Authorised Equipment List

  1. Log in to Quickchange.
  2. Click on the ‘Authorised Equipment’ menu item on the side menu. 
Authorised Equipment Menu Item

Single Venue Entity Access

Venue users who have access to a single venue will see a table which displays all the authorised equipment at their venue, including any equipment in storage. By default, the Authorised Equipment List is sorted in ascending order by GMID. 

The Authorised Equipment List displays information about all equipment at a venue via a table. The table headings are as follows:

Attached toDisplays the controller/s that a piece of equipment is attached to.XJJ678678 (LPJS)
DenDenomination of that specification in cents1, 2, 10, 100
DlrTwo to three-letter dealer codeARI – Aristocrat
AIN – Ainsworth
PAL – Paltronics
GMID & Serial #Displays the equipment’s GMID (gaming machine identification) and serial number103067​​​​​​​
Name & Spec #The name of the equipment (the game name for EGMs) and its specificationThousand Island Dressing
Premises & Licence #Displays the venue’s trading name and licence numberKookaburra Sports Club
StorageDisplays a green tick against equipment that is in storage.
TypeType of equipmentSA – Standalone Gaming Machine
iSAP- Standalone Progressive Gaming Machine
LPJS – Linked Progressive Jackpot System
MTGM – Multi-Terminal Gaming Machine
SE – Subsidiary equipment
VarVariation of that specification99
Authorised Equipment List

Multiple Venue Entity Access

Users that have access to more than one venue will see a drop-down field and an apply button by default.

To view any authorised equipment, the user must select one or more Venues from the drop-down list and click the ‘Apply’ button to confirm the selection.

Once loaded, the equipment of all venues selected will be displayed in the table, with the same table headings displayed above.

By default, the Authorised Equipment List is sorted in ascending order by GMID, regardless of the venue it belongs to.

Changing the Table Display

A user can change what the table displays by sorting the columns or using the search field.

Column sorting

To sort a column into ascending or descending order, the user must click on the relevant column heading.

The column will sort by ascending order first, then descending order.

Sort by Storage

To view equipment that is in storage, the ‘Storage’ heading must be clicked until the descending arrow (▼) is active.

When clicked, the Storage column will become active and sort by descending order and bring all the equipment in storage to the top of the list.

The user may use the search field above the Authorised Equipment List to only display information relevant to the search.

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