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Venue Application List

All applications to change or install equipment on a venue floor will appear here. The user will need to create an application, assign it work items, and finalize the application for the authorised equipment to be what is reflective at the Venue.

Venue Applications can be viewed by the Venue user, and Seller users involved in each specific work item within an application.

Navigating to the Venue Application List

  1. Log in to MAXSys2.
  2. Select the QuickChange Application tab from the main menu on the upper left hand side of the MAXsys home page
  3. Click on the ‘Venue Applications‘ menu item, if it has not already defaulted to this page.

Viewing the Venue Application List

By default, Applications in the list will be displayed by order of Creation, therefore ordered by Application number in descending order.

The Venue Application List displays information via a table. The table headings are as follows:

StatusThe state of the Application, so that it can be actioned accordinglyeg. Draft, Authorised, Lapsed, Pending Approvals, Pending Payment
App# & NameThe application number and the optional Application name given to an Application00114193Install 4 new MTGMs
Premises Name & LicenseDisplays the venue’s trading name and licence numberBankstown Sports ClubLIQC300225550
Created by & onThe user that created the Application and the date of when it was createdveronica20 Apr 2020
ScheduledThe date that the application needs to be finalised before it transitions to being Authorised12 May 2020
ActionsThe ability to modify or delete the ApplicationDelete
Venue Application List

State of the Application

StatusStatus change triggerAgreements SignedPayment MadeApplication Proposed DateData is Locked?
 DraftApplication Overview section is completeNoNoFuture or current date (Change date is today’s date or some time in the future)No
 DraftApplication Overview section is complete PLUS the overall application contains invalid or conflicting selections NoNoFuture or current dateNo
 Authorised – Pending AgreementsWork Items complete PLUS first Agreement is signedFirst agreement signed, waiting for all remaining agreementsNoFuture or current dateNo
Authorised – Pending job completionAll Agreements signedYesNoFuture or current dateNo
Authorised – payment requiredHas transitioned beyond it’s change dateYesNoPastYes
 AuthorisedHas transitioned beyond it’s change date AND paid for (PAYG or subscription)YesYes (Venue is on an Annual Subscription or they have successfully paid by credit card for a PAYG application).PastYes
 LapsedApplication is older than the maximum number of days allowed to complete it.NoNoN/A – The maximum amount of days have been reached that this application is allowed to be in flight. This is set within the Business Rules Management for all Applications. No

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