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TITO Troubleshooting including EGM and CRT

Developed for supervisors, this module explains how to use Metropolis applications and reports to troubleshoot ticket problems.

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Use the Metropolis Floor application to view all TITO ticket transactions.

1. Open the Floor application. Select Reports in the left menu and then Audit Report.

2. Use the time and date fields to narrow down your search.

3. Select the Ticket Filter Barcode field and using your barcode scanner, scan the ticket. Then press enter. The barcode number will auto-populate in the Barcode field.

4. Now use the Event Filter to further narrow down results. Untick All Events. In the Keyword field enter ticket. Select code 190 – Ticket Events. Then at the top of the screen select Run to generate the report.

5. The Event Sub-Types box will appear. As you don’t need to filter the report further, select OK.

6. The Audit Report will open. You can print, export to excel or preview the relevant tickets.

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