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Getting Started

You can access ClubGRANTS by logging into your MAXsys account at
From the dashboard you’ll be able to view your club’s submissions and their status.
To create an application, simply click on CREATE APPLICATION and select your premises and application year to get started.

Completing an Application

  1. If you’ve been provided with an exemption the in-kind Exemption Number and Exemption Amount is to be entered at the start.
  2. The ClubGRANTS Guidelines can be downloaded directly from here.
  3. As you complete the application you can see a running total of your figures.
  4. Select the purpose of the contribution from the dropdown list.
  5. Use the Category 1 section for contributions specific to Community Welfare and Social Services. For other contributions use the Category 2 form.
  6. Your application will autosave, so that you won’t lose entered information and also allows you to finish your application at a later time.

As you scroll down you can view a quarterly breakdown of the Calculation of required ClubGRANTS.
The club’s Minimum Expenditure Required is automatically populated to provide you with an estimate of the shortfall/additional tax.

Please note:
The Gaming Machine Profit figure for quarter 4 will not populate in the application until 3 September each year, as data for this quarter is pulled from monitored CMS readings.

To complete your application print, sign and upload the Secretary Statement. Other documents can also be uploaded at this stage. There is also an option to add further comments against your application. Once you’ve submitted your application, you can check the status of your application on the My ClubGRANTS Dashboard.

Let us know how we can help.

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