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An Introduction to TITO

Become familiar with Victorian Metropolis TITO, including benefits, system functionality and the journey from EGM to redemption.

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We recommend you position the barcode scanner to face the patron and to place a tray next to the scanner. This will allow the patron to scan their ticket and place it in the tray, minimising manual handling and helping you to compile tickets for your reconcilaitin processes.

1. When a patron presents their TITO ticket to you at the cashier station, navigate to the Payout Entry screen and scan their ticket.

2. Check the payout details and select OK.

3. Verify the amount prior to withdrawing funds from the till and then select OK. By default the amount auto-populates, however, this can be customised to be a manual process.

4. Once the ticket is paid it’s removed from the Payout Entry screen, leaving only unpaid tickets.

5. In the left menu navigate to Shift, select Shift Totals and then the Payout Totals tab. The Ticket Out field should now include the ticket you paid and the relevant Cash Totals field should also be updated.

6. Now move to the Float Reconciliation tab. You’ll see these fields are also updated. This information can be reviewed and printed as part of your end-of-shift procedures.

7. To view all payouts processed during your shift, in the left menu navigate to Transactions and select the Payouts tab. You can print this screen to assist with reconcilation.

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