Media Release – 16 March 2022

OrderIt serves up a truly VIP experience

MAX’s latest product release OrderIt provides venues with a streamlined approach to customer service across their gaming floor.

Exclusive to the Metropolis gaming system and now available across New South Wales, OrderIt allows players to be in full control, with a quick and easy way to order food and beverages directly from their EGM via Pathway.

The system sees orders managed digitally to provide an efficient gaming service model. Once an order is placed, it is sent to Service Call, which acts as a bump screen. Service Call also displays the status of the order as it progresses through, allowing staff to easily identify orders that are ready for delivery.

As the gaming and hospitality industry looks to bounce back post the COVID-19 lockdowns that impacted much of 2020-21, differentiation and exceptional customer service is paramount for venues to remain competitive. By creating a seamless, superior in-venue experience and driving staff efficiencies, OrderIt can help venues stand out from the crowd.

OrderIt offers a range of benefits to both venues and players, including:

  • Reducing costs associated with printing and updating menus
  • Providing a more comfortable gaming experience for patrons
  • Freeing up floor staff, to focus on customer service
  • Tracking and updating the status of orders in real-time using Service Call
  • Easily capturing product preferences and purchase patterns
  • Integrating fully with compatible third-party paging systems, notifying staff when an order has been placed
  • Being the only solution that allows players to order multiple items at the one time

MAX’s Head of Product, Olivia Maskaric, explained how feedback from customers has helped shape product development and Metropolis enhancements, including this latest offering.

‘After consultation with our venue partners, it was evident that this functionality was desired, with the request to host the ordering platform via Pathway and Metropolis.’

‘Extensive field trials were conducted across a number of venues and the results were excellent, with some seeing up to 1,000 transactions per day using the platform.’

‘We’re really excited to take OrderIt to market and help our customers welcome back their patrons in style.’ she added.

Phase 1 is currently available in New South Wales, offering venues up to 24 menu items, with images of the items displayed on the Pathway menu. Patrons can use OrderIt to add up to five items to their cart per order – the only solution in the market to offer multiple items per order – plus select from a range of modifiers, including no straw, extra ice.

Phase 2 is expected to be delivered from mid-2022 and will offer an even more robust solution with greater customisation and configuration.

View the OrderIt brochure HERE

OrderIt on show at the 2022 MAX Australasian Hospitality and Gaming Expo

Visitors to this years’ MAX AHG Expo in Brisbane on 23 and 24 March can learn more about OrderIt by booking a one-on-one product demonstration with our experts on the latest range of Metropolis Enhancements.

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