Gifts that keep on giving

As the COVID-19 shutdown restrictions slowly begin to ease and the roadmap to venues reopening starts to take shape, it is critical that you keep communicating with your customers to keep them updated with what it all means for them and your venue.

MAX will regularly share tips on how you can keep your customers informed, plus things you can be doing to engage with your members in positive, interactive and reassuring ways during this COVID-19 shutdown.

Today’s Tip:  

Birthdays and anniversaries should still be celebrated, albeit a little differently this year. Continue to send automated emails to your members, however instead of giving away a venue voucher, consider uploading bonus points to their account which can be used once your venue reopens fully.

Update the copy within your email so it is relevant to the current situation, keeping the message light-hearted and positive.

If you are currently providing takeaway service, use the birthday occasion as an opportunity to promote your menu. As an added element of surprise and delight for your valued members, offer a discount on their birthday meal delivery.

If you would like assistance with suggested copy for your emails, please email us at

Take care, stay safe – and be ready.

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